Коллекция Academy


The luxurious, extremely refined designs and decorations are inspired by the Art Deco period. Materials are among the most precious and sophisticated. The Italian manufacturing confers the final, valued and sophisticated touch. We are talking about Academy, the latest-born Luxury Bathroom Collection by Oasis.

Lacquered vanity units and cabinets, gold profiles and precious marble tops characterize this line, perfect for the most elegant locations.
The designed vanity consoles dialogue with accessories and complements: elegant ottomans and benches, bronzed and smoked wall mirrors, lights, tall units and towel holders, with matching finishings and colors, will please the even most demanding interior designers.
Once again the finest Italian manufacturing, with its ribbed or diamond-like decorated lacquering, the glasses and the marbles, furnish the most exclusive “salle de bains”, creating spaces to contemplate, relax, and pampering yourself in a sophisticated and comforting atmosphere.

Oasis is the only Italian company in the world with the widest range of luxury bathroom products.