Кресло Easy Swing 7927


Easy Swing 7927 recliner from himolla: take your seat and feel great

The Easy Swing 7927 recliner from himolla helps you to relax and recuperate. Take your seat and enjoy the separate adjustment of the backrest and the leg rest. Adjust the headrest to the perfect angle, so that you can read your book or watch TV in the utmost comfort. And keep up with the action with this chair’s 360° swivel.

Find your own personal reclining position

The Easy Swing 7927 can be adapted your own requirements to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Choose between a manual model or electric versions, either with one motor, two motors, one motor and Lift & Rise or two motors and Lift & Rise. Not everyone has the same stature - that is why this recliner comes in five different size configurations, from XS to XL. The seat heights (42 cm to 52 cm) and seat depths (50 cm to 58 cm) differ, depending on the size that you choose. The seat width remains at 50 cm. Get really comfortable on the supportive padding: you can choose between three different levels of support, from soft to firm with a spring core.

Perfectly tailored to suit any furnishing style

You can tailor the look of the Easy Swing 7927 chair to suit your existing interior style. The recliner comes with either a stainless steel base plate or a base plate with a stainless steel finish or a stainless steel base plate with a wooden ring, or a covered or wooden base plate. Alternatively, you can opt for a classic star base or a flat star in a stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium finish. You are sure to find your favourite cover amongst the extensive himolla collection of fabrics and leathers.