Кресло Cosyform Individual 7042


Sit back and relax after a long day in Cosyform Individual from himolla.

The luxury comfortable chair comes with an adjustable backrest, headrest and leg rest, and is ideal for sitting, relaxing and lying on thanks to its comfortable cushioning. himolla gives you the choice of a range of functional extras, allowing you to create a chair that ticks all of your boxes.

Tailor the recliner to your preferences

Cosyform Individual comes with an elastic no-sag sprung interior and is available in a range of sizes and widths, and even with an extended leg rest or lumbar support. Simply choose the size that best fits your body. The upholstered chair comes with a manually adjustable headrest and a backrest and leg rest that can be seamlessly adjusted, allowing you to sit in an upright or reclined position or to lie horizontally – all with an exceptional level of comfort. Depending on which version of the chair you go for, the backrest and leg rest are either adjusted manually or at the touch of a button thanks to the integrated motors. We also offer a Cosyform model featuring an integrated Lift & Rise to make it easier for people with limited mobility to stand up.

Choose the upholstery and base for your chair

In order to ensure that the Cosyform chair fits perfectly into your living room, you have a choice of a variety of upholsteries and colours. You can also choose different bases for the chair, which comes with a 360° swivel, allowing you to turn the chair in all directions. The base is available in a round plate or star base design, with a metal or wood finish, or covered in the same material as the rest of the chair.