Кресло Cosyform 4.0 7602


Sit back and relax: the Cosyform 4.0 recliner

Sit back and relax in the Cosyform 4.0 from himolla. You can determine both the appearance and features – with a great number of options to choose from. Thus, you get a chair that perfectly matches your requirements and preferences. Thanks to its adjustable back, head and leg elements and the integrated armrests, you will always sit comfortably on this luxury upholstered chair. Treat yourself to a break and relax whilst watching television, reading or even sleeping.

Outstanding comfort in all positions

The himolla Cosyform 4.0 chair is an ergonomically designed, comfortably cushioned recliner which is height-adjustable and is also available as an extra large chair and with an extended leg rest. The backrest, headrest and leg rest can be individually adjusted so that you can sit upright, recline or lie down in great comfort. The upholstered chair can either be manually adjusted using a lever, or fitted with motors. The motorised version boasts electric adjustment of the backrest and leg rest using a remote control.

Customise the look of the chair

In order to ensure that the luxury armchair perfectly matches your furnishing style, you can choose between a number of covers and bases. The chair is available with an elegant star base in an anthracite, chianti, stainless steel, chrome or platinum finish, or with a round plate base in a chrome or stainless steel design. All of the bases offer 360° swivel.