Коллекция Armilla F50


Armilla, designed by Lorenzo Truant, is inspired by the very first Renaissance depictions of the motions of stars and planets. At that time, it was customary to construct marvellous models called armillary spheres comprising a framework of rings. To begin with, they were centred on Earth, but as time went by and the theories of Copernicus entered the picture, the Earth was replaced with the Sun, an infinite source of light and the new centre of the universe. The rings of Armilla recall this custom, supporting the sphere and complementing the abundance of opal glass that diffuses light from the source at the centre of the composition—just like the armillary spheres dreamt up by the Copernican cosmographers, with their heliocentric view of the world.

Lamps from the Armilla collection are available with a diameter of 36 cm, and come in the form of pendant and table lamps. The diffuser is made of glossy white glass blown on a round mould, with the metal rings inserted and carefully fixed in place using the melted glass at the end of the process. The rings have a polished finish, with gold and chrome plating. Designed to work with LED bulbs.