Коллекция Spin-bo F54


Spin-bo means ‘spinning top’. The idea for the Spin-bo wall and ceiling lamp comes from the movement of a top. By mimicking the effect of constant rapid rotation, Spin-bo fuses shape and colour to create a wonderfully clean and balanced object that appears to be suspended in mid-air. An frosted white cone at the back diffuses a clear, precise light onto the wall, while the front shade adds brightness with its transparent chequered effect. An illuminated disc whose discreet, welcoming light draws the eye and creates atmosphere.

The collection has an indoor wall lamp. The diffuser is a translucent bronze Plexiglas disk with a mono glazed-white Plexiglas back cone fixed together by a central button on the disk in white painted metal. The circular structure anchoring to the wall is in white painted aluminium. Power supply - mains voltage for LEDs.