Коллекция Oru F25


For this project, designers Vim&Vigor drew inspiration from the great potential of the art of origami, as they themselves tell: “There is something quite magical in taking an ordinary flat sheet of paper and forming it into something completely different and beautiful. After many days of traditional brainstorming and concepting, looking for new inspirations and ideas, we came across the image of a vessel with folded corners. We thought “Wouldn’t it be really interesting to combine the cutting/folding technique with a traditional spun metal shape? We understood immediately that we had taken the right direction”.

The Oru collection is made up of two types of hanging lamp for indoor use. The first, with an asymmetric shape and a particular hole, is in folded metal, painted in black on the outside and red, green and petroleum blue on the inside. The second, with its elegant, exquisite design, is a semi-spherical shade in copper, made in a single piece, burnished on the outside and polished on the inside. The lamp runs on mains power and is suitable for use with LED bulbs and integrated LED.