Коллекция Lumi F07


The young designers Saggia&Sommella were given the precise goal of going beyond the typical round shape of light bulbs, which led to the creation of new diffusers in a variety of shapes. The name Lumi is important for two reasons: the first is more direct, being tied to the lighting world, which intends collecting under a single name a precise type of lamp, but with a refined and archaic term; the second has to do with the translation of the word “snow” in Finnish, i.e., “lumi”, thereby again underscoring how the main feature of these lamps is the opal white diffuser, with soft and delicate shapes, just like snow.

The collection comprises hanging, table, floor, wall and ceiling lamps in many different shapes and sizes, for indoor use. In addition, the Mycena series makes it possible to create layouts with different glass panels using the special accessory. All the diffusers are in white satin-finish blown glass, while the load-bearing structures are in white painted metal or polyester, reinforced with glass fibre. Electrification on main voltage for halogen and LED lamps.