Коллекция CLAQUE F43


This lamp series is inspired to the theatrical world, where the artists on stage are followed by lights that highlight their performances. In this context, the light becomes the star, by dramatizing or lightening a scene, and creating rhythm or suspense. In the same way, this ceiling light collection directs the light toward the element to be highlighted, illuminating the rest of the environment with a reflected beam. Just as the “Claque”, the people paid to applaud or whistle, who can determine the enlightenment, or success, of a play.

The Claque ceiling light collection comprises different types of lamps: hanging lamps, ceiling lamps, recessed lamps and track- mounted lamps. Hanging lamps are available in different lengths. The ceiling lamp is available as fixed light and as adjustable spot light. These black & white lamps have a LED light source. Direct light diffusion.