Диван Relaxhimo 4978


himolla Cumuly: furniture to relax and unwind on

Get comfortable after a long day, sit back and relax with Cumuly upholstered furniture from himolla. You can choose from lots of furniture elements from the Cumuly 4978 range and configure your own upholstered suite to perfectly match your requirements – both in terms of appearance and functionality. The Cumuly sofas are available with the reclining function if desired – this allows you to adjust the backrest, headrest and leg rest, so that you can sit upright or in a reclined position and read a book or even enjoy a rejuvenating midday nap.

Customise your living room

The Cumuly 4978 range offers armchairs, two- and three-seater designer sofas and curved sofas with a middle part that can be folded down to produce a practical table surface, as well as footstools with practical storage space inside. As people have different preferences when it comes to seating, you can choose between three different seat tensions. comfortably soft, medium-firm or firm cushioning with a spring core for extra support. himolla also gives you the choice of over 600 fabrics and 200 leathers in various colours and qualities so that you can perfectly adapt your suite and chairs to the décor of your home.

With a reclining function? You bet!

Sofas from the himolla Cumuly 4978 range are available with a reclining function if desired. These models allow you to seamlessly adjust the headrest, backrest and leg rest so that you can sit upright, in a reclined position or even lie down in comfort. You can choose between sofas with manual adjustment through repositioning your body weight, or versions with a motor so that you can achieve your favourite position by simply pressing a button. And the best thing is that the sofa is also available in a Mini version under model number 4878!