Кресло Quartett 9721


Model 9721 – a lovely recliner in light leather

What could be better than retreating to your living room after a hard day and relaxing in a proper recliner? With its Quartett series, himolla Polstermöbel has produced premium quality functional chairs that are guaranteed to fulfil your requirements for excellent comfort in your lounge suite. This also applies to model 9721 – it will fit into any living area thanks to its light leather, whilst its practical features in five different versions make it easy to achieve your desired sitting position.

One chair, lots of features

Model 9721 is available in five versions, which offer a motorised adjustment of the sitting position in addition to the adjustment of the backrest and leg rest by simply moving your body. Two versions feature one or two motors to adjust the backrest and leg rest, and there are other versions boasting an additional integrated Lift & Rise function. The four castors offer further flexibility – they are affixed to the two solid back panels of the chair and make it easy to move the chair around. Despite the castors, you can stand up safely without the recliner moving.

Ease of use meets the ultimate in comfort

A remote control is provided to operate the motorised versions of the multi-functional chair. It can be stored in the chair’s small side pocket to maintain a clean look for the leather upholstery when it is not in use. Furthermore, this chair offers the great benefit of a comfortable headrest – it cushions your head like a pillow. Enjoy the combination of this flexibility and comfort with a great price – choose a chair from the Quartett range!