Кресло Cumuly 9580


The Cumuly chair from himolla Polstermöbel – modern and comfortable

After a long day, treat yourself to some proper relaxation in the Cumuly recliner. This luxury armchair from himolla ticks all the boxes thanks to its intuitive operation and stylish design. The chair is perfect for the living room – as a television chair or something else entirely. The various adjustment functions provide plenty of other opportunities to enjoy your free time in a relaxed state – you can read, spend time with friends or family, or even sleep.

Your Cumuly recliner is super versatile

Each Cumuly armchair allows you to adjust the leg rest and backrest by simply moving your body weight. There are also two options regarding the height of the leg rest. You can easily change the position of the leg rest by moving your legs. The release loop allows you to adjust the backrest and fix it in the desired position. If you opt for the electric version of the Cumuly recliner, you can use the simple remote control to operate the two motors and move the backrest and leg rest separately to where you want them to be. All models also allow you to adjust the angle of the headrest.

Optional extras and versions

The Cumuly is very versatile in terms of both the numerous adjustment options and the various different models that are available. The luxury armchair is available in a wider model and as a Mini version.