Коллекция Sospesa D42


How many ways are there for expressing lightness? Above all, however, can a plate of glass appear lightweight? This was the challenge faced by designers Paolo De Lucchi and Lisa Bellon who aimed to answer these questions with their Sospesa model. This lamp elegantly illuminates even vast spaces and appears to float in the air, defying all rules of gravity. Thanks to its unique manufacturing process and imposing character, Sospesa adds value and class to any room. It’s essential beauty is further enhanced by the grooves which embed the electric circuit.

The collection consists of hanging and wall lamps for indoor use. The diffuser is made up of a flat sheet of extra transparent, tempered glass and a structure in polished metal. The electronic circuit runs along the grooves in the glass. The hanging lamp model is available in a rectangle and in different sizes. The lamps run on low mains power for halogen and LED bulbs.